306 Hollywood

Two siblings piece together a whimsical portrait of their grandmother

2018 | Running Time: 82 minutes | Rating: NR

306 HOLLYWOOD is a magical realist documentary following a brother and sister who inherit their grandmother’s house. Their surreal excavation of the stuff she left behind inspires a journey to ancient Rome in search of what truly remains after life ends. The film includes interviews with their late grandmother Annette, ages 83-93. In a dynamic and original voice, she reflects on topics like sex, love, and money, upending the stereotype of the helpless “little-old-lady.” Her humor is matched with heartbreak, and we are left in that peculiar state she translates from Yiddish as “laughing with thorns in your sides.” Premiering at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, 306 HOLLYWOOD was the first ever documentary to play the festival’s NEXT section. Filmmakers: Elan Bogarín and Jonathan Bogarín, Directors

Sundance Film Festival 2018: Best of Next! (nomination)
Cleveland International Film Festival 2018: Ad Hoc Docs Competition (nomination)
Montclair Film Festival 2018: New Jersey Films Competition (nomination)

“The Bogaríns’ devotion to keeping her alive is their own form of obsession — and their film succeeds in making us celebrate Annette’s existence.”


Tags: Feature, documentary, Family Relationships, Grief