Buster’s Mal Heart

A surreal tale about one man’s split between two bodies

2016 | Running Time: 96 minutes | Rating: NR

An eccentric mountain man on the run from authorities survives the winter by breaking into empty vacation homes. He’s haunted by a recurring dream of being lost at sea only to discover that the dream is real: he’s a man split in two by grief. He exists simultaneously in two bodies, one who lives alone in the remote mountain landscapes of Montana; another who is trapped in a fishing boat in the middle of the ocean. Each incarnation seeks a reckoning with God. Actor Rami Malek plays both of the soul’s twin avatars, imbuing each personna with a wholly different performance. BUSTER’S MAL HEART premiered at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival. Filmmaker: Sarah Adina Smith, DIrector

AFI Fest 2016: New Auteurs (nominations)
Cleveland International Film Festival 2017: Best American Independent Feature (nominations)
GAFCA 2017: Breakthrough Award (nominations)

“There’s both a serenity and a persistent otherworldliness to the vibe smith conjures.”


Tags: Mental Illness, Family Relationship