A psychological thriller about a woman convinced she was kidnapped

2018 | Running Time: 87 minutes | Rating: NR

In NANCY, the eponymous character is an aspiring writer living an uneventful life working a dull temp job. She embellishes the truth to seem more interesting and creates a more glamorous facade of herself online. Watching a news report about a couple whose daughter went missing 30 years ago, Nancy (Andrea Riseborough) notices she bears a striking resemblance to the digital sketch of what the child might look like today. Thinking she might be their kidnapped daughter, she reaches out to the couple, and as she develops a relationship with them, she increasingly believes these strangers are her parents. Fact and fiction blur in Nancy’s mind, and willful belief makes the truth difficult to pin down. NANCY premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. Filmmakers: Christina Choe, Director; Andrea Riseborough, Producer; Amy Lo, Producer; Michelle Cameron, Producer

Sundance Film Festival 2018: Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award
Sundance Film Festival 2018: Grand Jury Prize – Dramatic (nomination)

“Scene by scene, Nancy is riveting.”


Tags: Family Relationships, Science and Technology, Abuse